Registering your club with our index is free and allows users to find your club in our listing as well as providing directions and specific details about your club. By registering your club you gain access to update the index as necessary and keep it up to date. Creating a club profile is a low cost way of advertising and allows you to describe your club and include information that is not available in the index, like cover charge, hours of operation, and a calendar of special events. Additionally, entertainers who have registered and created profiles can optionally link to your club's profile so users viewing a entertainers profile can link back to the club where they work. Profiles also allow you to send notices to members who have registered as fans of your club about up coming events or specials. You can send special offers to Adult Club Locator members have registered as a fan. Optionally, if your club has a web site, you can include a link to your website in the index. A free website link is included when you purchase a profile.

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Entertainers: (Dancers / Escorts / Models)
Registering as a dancer, escort, or model with our index is free and allows users find you at the clubs where you work. You can advertise yourself by creating a profile. A profile allows you to describe yourself in more detail and provide information about your schedule. You can upload your photos to your profile's gallery. Users can follow links back to the clubs, or services where you work to get information and directions to the club. Additionally a profile allows members to register as your fan and allows you to send messages to them. Optionally, if you have a personal website or facebook page you can include a link to your page in the index. A free link is included when you purchase a profile.

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Fan registration is free and allows you to become a fan of your favorite clubs and performers, and allows you to receive messages and special offers from them. Fans can also upload photos from their spring break wet t-shirt contest, bachelor party, or other escapades to the Adult Club Locator photo gallery where they can be viewed and enjoyed by others.

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